Your home, your investment, our promise. We strive to build your home with a fair price-performance ratio that is both economic and value stable. Estera operates under two financing options.

Option One: We purchase the lot of your choice, build your dream home and transfer over the completed home through the lawyer office. The benefit of this selection allows you to have a smoother transition from the first step of the planning process up until the first step into your new home. This option will offer you to stay in your present home and move directly into your newly built custom home.

Option Two: We build your dream home on the property you possess. The project will be financed by you throughout the build by means of periodic payment instalments as agreed upon.


Challenged by the task of planning your future home? We invite you to sit down and discuss your imaginations to help you blueprinting your ideas. We will portray your imaginations on paper so you can visualize what your dream home will look like. We focus on custom homes – in other words, we want to implement your ideas in building a turnkey home, exhibiting your own unique style.


The final product of any construction consists of the effort the builders put in and the materials they are using. Getting a house build by ESTERA Homes will result in a home you can feel comfortable in. Why? Because it will be a home built by our combined experience and expertise together with proven and tested materials – and better yet, labelled with our motto: quality and service in every aspect.


Nearing completion of the building process we will tour the house with you to make sure all of your expectations have been met. Heard enough of missed due dates? At ESTERA Homes we make sure that our promised due dates are met. We will do everything to make transitioning into your new residence exciting, fast, and easy. Seamless.


We want you to enjoy living in your brand new home. That’s why the focus on quality is our priority throughout the entire construction phase. Every home built by ESTERA Homes is backed up by the established New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba. At the end of the day, what matters most to us is the peace of mind our clients deserve after putting their trust into our workmanship.